Rehabilitation Boarding Services

Here at Aqua Animal Care Center, we understand how challenging it can be to have a pet companion who needs physical therapy or post-operative care.  AACC offers post-operative boarding services and day care rehabilitation stays.  Post-operative boarding allows your pet to receive an immediate start to the rehabilitation services provided by our veterinarian.  This greatly improves the outcome of surgery and allows your pet to recover more quickly with supervised care and pain management.  Day care rehab stays allow you the flexibility to drop your pet off at AACC to complete rehabilitation services while you are at work or away.  This can help in the case of busy schedules, ensuring  your companion receives the care they need to make improve their health and function, while allowing you some freedom.  This service also allows your pet to rest and recover between treatments so they can get the maximum benefit from their rehabilitation programs.  Please contact us to learn more about our rehabilitation boarding and post-operative care services.