Pet Rehabilitation for Dogs in Oceanside, CA 

Pet rehabilitation at Aqua Animal Care Center starts with a thorough evaluation of your pet from head to toe. We will provide a diagnosis and then tailor a plan for your pets rehabilitation treatment, with in-clinic, and at-home therapies. Therapeutic exercises in our gym are used to increase range of motion, flexibility, coordination, muscular balance, stabilization, and core strength. The exercises are also used to help animals regain feeling in a foot or a limb, or to improve their weight bearing to equal and both sides. Interactive equipment in the gym may include rocker boards, peanuts, cavaletti poles, or land treadmills. Each week as your pet improves, the exercises will change to match your pet's ability. A critical part of therapy is frequent at-home exercises. Together with in-clinic and at-home work we look forward to seeing your pet on the path to wellness.