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Aqua Animal Care Center is a full service rehabilitation facility where we work in partnership with your veterinarian, orthopedic surgeon, or neurologist to tailor a rehab program specific to your pets needs. Even though many of our patients come referred to us, a referral is not required to seek our services.  Rehab has been used in both humans and animals as an adjunctive or stand alone treatment for pain relief, and to improve strength and function for various injuries and degenerative conditions.  If you notice that your pet has started limping, is getting weaker, slowing down or exhibiting pain, we can help you figure out the cause and develop an individualized treatment strategy.  

Rehabilitation therapy in animals is successfully used to treat a variety of medical conditions. Although rehab is commonplace for people who have arthritis, weakness, or surgery, it is relatively uncommon in veterinary medicine. Recovery times from surgery can be improved and the pet is often able to return to its prior level of functioning much more quickly and safely while minimizing compensatory strain on other parts of their body. We are here to provide your pets with all of the advantages and opportunities they need to get back on their feet.

These are some of the common reasons we utilize Pet Rehabilitation (just to name a few):

General Conditions with examples​

  • Arthritis, joint disease - Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, degenerative joint disease

  • Spine or neurologic disorders - IVDD, Degenerative Myelopathy, FCE, neck or back pain

  • After surgery care (orthopedic or neurological) - TPLO, FHO, fracture repair, elbow arthrscopy, hemilaminectomy

  • Limping - Unknown lameness, head bob, short stride

  • Ligament, tendon, muscle weakness or problems - Cruciate injury, patellar luxation, soft tissue strains 

  • Slowing down on walks, reluctance to rise, jump, or exercise - Geriatric dogs that often have a combination of degenerative conditions

  • Weight loss and preventative health programs - Overweight dogs, poor exercise tolerance, breed predisposition

  • Muscle loss - Aging, illness, secondary to steroid use

  • Athletic conditioning - Agility dogs, working dogs

When you come in for a rehabilitation consult, we go beyond the normal vet exam and analyze the gait, measure muscle mass and flexibility, and assess strength and overall mobility. Pain status is evaluated so we can ensure your pet has adequate pain control to recover from their injury. The rehabilitation consult includes a treatment with either laser therapy or acupuncture, a home exercise program, and a in-clinic program that focuses on any concerns that arise during the consult. 
At AACC, our rehabilitation program integrates hands-on therapy, cold laser therapy, physical exercises, and gait modification or resistance work on treadmill or underwater treadmill. The physical exercises can be used to focus on increasing balance, proprioception, strength, endurance, and flexibility. In some cases, we combine these treatments with acupuncture to help with pain and neurologic conditions. These in-clinic treatments complement a custom tailored home exercise, massage, and stretching program to work together with you to get your dog stronger, more comfortable, and active.

Boarding services are also available for daily drop off while your pet undergoes their rehabilitation exercises, or for a longer extended care stay to ease completing physical therapy treatments. We specialize in creating a wellness package that works for you and your pet companion.

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