Hydrotherapy for Dogs in Oceanside, CA. 

Water is a wonderful form of exercise where pressure is decreased on the muscle and joints.  The underwater treadmill is an important form of hydrotherapy and is often very beneficial in rehabilitation.  It uses the resistance and buoyancy of water to put less stress on your pets joints while increasing muscle tone, strength and neurological re-education.  It is not unusual for an animal that is not using a leg to start to use it while in the underwater treadmill.  The exaggerated motion while underwater helps the muscles strengthen for use on land. We can adjust the speed, water level and treatment length as your pet improves.

The benefits of hydrotherapy include:

  • Improvement in range of motion, muscle tone, stamina, balance, strength and endurance

  • Help in earlier return to function post injury and post surgery

  • Rehabilitate arthritic joints and improve neurologic injuries

  • Increased cardiovascular stamina, and weight loss

If you are interested in utilizing the underwater treadmill for the exercising of your pet, we can schedule you convenient sessions after an evaluation by our veterinarians.