Hydrotherapy for Dogs in Oceanside, CA

As a dog owner, it's no secret that you want what's best for your pet, especially when they're dealing with pain or mobility issues. If your furry companion needs help due to joint problems or during recovery from surgery, using a underwater treadmill may be the solution you're looking for. At Aqua Animal Care Clinic, we offer hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill) for dogs in Oceanside to help restore their ability to move freely and improve their well-being.

Our compassionate veterinarians are certified in canine rehabilitation, meaning they understand how to help your dog achieve the quality of life they deserve. Learn more about how hydrotherapy can help your beloved companion thrive by contacting our office to schedule an appointment today!


What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs?

Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy or use of a underwater treadmill, involves therapeutic exercises performed in water to aid with mobility, strength, or recovery. It can be helpful for dogs suffering from conditions like arthritis or certain injuries that limit your pet's ability to move freely. Some animal athletes can also benefit from it as part of a low-impact recovery or training regimen.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Dogs

By participating in specific exercises in a controlled environment, your pet can enjoy increased mobility, faster recovery from injuries, and enhanced overall well-being. Our practice focuses on using an underwater treadmill for your dog. This allows for significant treatment customizability. For example, by putting the water level at hip level, the buoyancy of the water helps reduce the impact of nearly half your dog's body weight.

Especially when combined with other therapeutic approaches, Using a underwater treadmill for dogs can have numerous health benefits, including:

  • Pain relief: Water's buoyancy reduces stress on joints, providing relief from the pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and orthopedic injuries. Additionally, the warmth of the water can help soothe sore joints.
  • Improved range of mobility: Gentle resistance encourages movement and helps your dog regain or improve flexibility, mobility, and joint function.
  • Weight management: use of an underwater treadmill can help overweight dogs achieve a healthy weight with low-impact, high-resistance exercise.
  • Muscle strengthening: The resistance of water motivates your dog to work harder to move without increasing stress on joints, helping to increase muscle tone and overall endurance.
  • Better cardiovascular health: Like any exercise, hydrotherapy with an underwater treadmill helps your dog increase their heart rate, improving their cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increased confidence: As your dog experiences improved mobility and overall pain relief, they often gain more confidence and are more likely to engage in physical activity again.

What to Expect From Our Hydrotherapy Treatments

When you visit our practice looking for hydrotherapy for your dog, you can expect a caring and professional environment dedicated to improving your furry friend's health. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your dog's health history, their current condition, and any specific concerns you might have. Based on our examination, our veterinarian will develop a customized treatment plan designed to meet your dog's unique needs. Whether the goal is recovering from surgery, managing arthritis, or improving overall fitness, our plan will outline specific exercises, techniques, and a timeline for care.

During a underwater treadmill session, we will work to create a relaxing environment and ensure your dog is comfortable with getting into the water. Unlike people, dogs are unlikely to push through discomfort or pain and are unable to communicate if an exercise is too much, so you can expect us to work at your dog's ability level. We also provide gentle guidance and encouragement throughout the sessions to ensure your dog feels safe and comfortable.

While walking on our water treadmill for dogs, we may also use targeted exercises to further help improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion. We will closely monitor your dog's progress and adjust intensity and duration as needed. As their condition improves, we may suggest more or less treatments or add additional exercises to perform outside of sessions.

FAQs About Hydrotherapy

Not only is our team here to help your dog live a happier, healthier life, but we're also here to ensure you feel confident in the care they're receiving. You can expect us to thoroughly answer your questions and address your concerns, ensuring that you feel comfortable and safe with the treatment plan and understand what to expect. Some common questions we get about hydrotherapy for dogs include:

Is hydrotherapy for dogs safe?

When monitored by one of our qualified staff members, use of a underwater treadmill is a safe way to help your dog recover from injury or find pain relief.

The duration of a underwater treadmill session can vary based on your dog's condition, fitness level, and overall treatment goals. Typically, you can expect a session to last 15-30 minutes. Most dogs require several sessions to achieve optimal results. Our veterinarian will tailor each session to your dog's unique treatment plan and make adjustments as needed.

Many dogs enjoy the water, and our team may recommend enjoying water recreationally outside of our appointments. However, to ensure the best possible outcome, you should avoid strenuous or extended periods of exercise with your pet unless directed by our veterinarian.

Trusted Aqua Therapy for Dogs in Oceanside

Your pet deserves to live a happy and healthy life free from pain. At Aqua Animal Care Center, our aqua therapy for dogs in Oceanside can help them achieve just that. When you visit us, you can expect us to take a compassionate and professional approach to your dog's hydrotherapy, where we treat your companion as if they were our own. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today!